Monday, July 04, 2016

Q-Tip Blow Dart Game

Today's activity is brought to you all the way from the cottage! We're visiting with family at my grandparents' cottage this week. I wanted to find an activity to do with Monkey that I might be able to convince my cousin (age 14) to do, too. I thought this game was perfect!

I saw the idea here:

Supplies: q-tips, plastic cups, straws 

Since I figured quite a few family members would end up wanting to play, I labeled the straws with names so that there wouldn't be as much germ sharing. 

The only other set up needed is to stack the plastic cups in a pyramid. Monkey did this quickly for us. 

Now the game is ready!

To play, take a q-tip and slide it inside your straw. Then put the straw in your mouth, aim for the cups, and blow out the q-tip. 

This was not an easy game for Monkey. He kept hitting the bottom rows of cups and they were too strong for the q-tip to make an impact. But he was having way too much fun to give up, or care!

Soon he got better at aiming and was able to knock the cups down at the top. 

Peanut wanted to play too, although he didn't follow the rules. 

Everyone (teenagers and adults included) had fun playing this game. When we were finished playing all the materials were still in great shape, so I packed them all up in a ziploc bag and now we can play again another time. 


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